What Skills Are Needed for Change Management?

Companies make organizational changes for many reasons. Good change management skills can help a business go through this process. What skills are needed for change management in order to navigate these changes?

If your company is planning to undergo any kind of organizational change, you can help ensure success by developing what skills are needed for change management.

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What is Change Management?

Good change management can be critical to the success of a company.

There are three types of organizational change:

  1. Transitional change: Transitional changes are changes that a company makes to change the way that it operates but maintain much of its current state.
  2. Transformational change: A transformational change involves a complete overhaul of a company’s current operation.
  3. Developmental change: These are changes that a company makes to improve its current operations.

What Skills Are Needed for Change Management?

Change management skills can help you to manage all of these types of changes successfully.

There are a number of different change management skills that you may need to be successful.


Researching other companies’ successful and unsuccessful transitions can help you develop ideas for your own organizational change. Also, researching the history of your industry and the trends happening within it can give you insight into where your business is going.

Analytical Skills

Change management often requires you to analyze data to understand how a change will impact the company.

Organizational Skills

Using organization skills, you can create a detailed plan for your organizational change. This plan should include all the important details, such as what role each employee will play, the project goals, and any important dates.

Listening Skills

It’s important to listen to your employees and actively solicit their feedback. Listening to your employees’ concerns can help you make the changes they want, making the process smoother and more likely to be successful.

Communication Skills

Change management also requires excellent communication skills. You will need to be able to communicate the goals of the change to those who need to implement it, as well as sell the change to those who may be resistant to it.

Project Management Skills

Project management experience can be useful in managing an organizational change. This is because experience in project management will help you understand all of the elements involved in making a company-wide shift, including the project plan, available resources, expected results, responsibilities, and other elements.

Strategic Thinking Skills

It’s important to have strategic skills when developing your plan for organizational change. By understanding the needs of the organization, you can better develop a plan of action.

Leadership Skills

Effective leadership is crucial in leading your employees through organizational shifts and delegating tasks to the right person.

Good leadership includes:

  • Transparency: Be transparent with your team about why you’re making this change, as this can help increase their willingness to change.
  • Motivation: Leaders who are able to inspire their employees are an essential part of change management.
  • Vision: A clear vision for the organizational change helps employees understand what the company aims to achieve.

Change Management Skills in the Workplace

Companies use change management techniques to prepare themselves for when changes are to be implemented. This may involve working with multiple departments of the company to ensure the best decisions are made.

Here are examples of ways that you can use change management techniques in your workplace.

  • Creating change management plans: Writing a comprehensive change plan is a vital part of managing an organizational change.
  • Setting goals for organizational changes: Change management skills are key for setting goals that keep your staff on task.
  • Communicating plans to employees: In order to manage the process of implementing changes, you’ll need to be able to effectively communicate the changes to your employees.

what skills are needed for change management


How to Develop Change Management Skills

The ability to manage change is an essential skill for any leader or manager. After all, change is a constant in today’s business world.

And, with the right approach, change can be an opportunity to improve your organization.

So, how can you develop what skills are needed for change management?

1. Understand the Basics of Change Management

The first step to developing change management skills is to understand the basics of the discipline. Change management is the process of planning, implementing, and monitoring changes to organizational resources.

It’s important to note that change management is not just about managing change itself, but also about managing the people who are affected by the change. That’s because change can be disruptive, and people often resist change.

As a result, successful change management requires strong communication and people skills. It also requires an understanding of how people react to change and the ability to manage those reactions.

2. Identify What Skills are Needed for Change Management

Once you understand the basics of change management, you can start to identify the specific skills you need to be successful.

Some of the most important change management skills include:

  • Communication: The ability to clearly communicate the goals and objectives of the change, as well as the expected outcomes.
  • Organizational: The ability to plan and implement changes in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Problem-solving: The ability to identify and solve problems that arise during the change process.

3. Develop Your Change Management Skills

Now that you know what change management skills you need, it’s time to start developing them.

One of the best ways to develop change management skills is to get experience managing change. If you’re currently in a leadership or management role, start paying attention to the changes that occur in your organization and how you handle them.

You can also take courses or attend workshops on change management. These can provide you with the theoretical knowledge you need to be effective.

FAQs About What Skills Are Needed for Change Management

What are the 5 key elements of successful change management?

  • Prepare the Organization for Change.
  • Craft a Vision and Plan for Change.
  • Implement the Changes.
  • Embed Changes Within Company Culture and Practices.
  • Review Progress and Analyze Results.

What are the 7 Rs of change management?

  • Who RAISED the change?
  • REASON for the change?
  • RETURN required from the change?
  • RISKS involved in the change?
  • RESOURCES required to deliver the change?
  • Who is RESPONSIBLE for the implementation of the change?
  • RELATIONSHIP between this change and other changes?


Change management is a hot topic in the business world today. Many organizations are looking for change management specialists to help them navigate through the challenges of organizational change. And if you have what skills are needed for change management, this can be a good career move

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